Definition of eco-industrial park in Wikipedia

The early definition of EIP should be open discussed again after thiese years. Here is an online forum for you to modify the definition of EIP. Your idea is welcome in the Wikipedia.

Eco-industrial park(EIP) is “A community of businesses that cooperate with each other and with the local community to efficiently share resources (information, materials, water energy, infrastructure, natural habitat), leading to economic gains, gains in environmental quality, and equitable enhancement of human resources for the business and local community.” It is also defined as “An industrial system of planned materials and energy exchanges that seeks to minimize energy and raw materials use, minimize waste, and build sustainable economic, ecological and social relationships(PCSD, 1996).” However, “Eco-Industrial Park” is a mechanism for stakeholders to collaborate with each other towards sustainable development in terms of industrial symbiosis. (Bruce K. Chung, 2000)


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