Elkhorn Industries of Superior hopes to generate power from trash

3/23/2006 by BusinessNorth Staff

Elkhorn Industries, Superior, proposes to take in wood scraps, everyday garbage, waste heat, sewage sludge and grain dust from area industries for a planned gasification unit and power generation plant at a proposed ‘eco-industrial park’ in Superior.

The plant would produce fiberboard, ethanol (from syngas piped into a bio-reactor that has a bacteria in it that transforms the synthetic gas), electricity (from heat and from feeding some syngas into fuel cells), and tomatoes (from greenhouses heated with heat and energized with CO2 from the bacteria).

Elkhorn Industries and a two-year old initiative to bring eco-industry to Duluth and Superior will be applying for a State of Wisconsin planning grant; and looking for federal loan guarantees, and hopes to be producing products from trash within two years.


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