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09/04/2005 – 10:00

Bizkaian Technology Park presents “Ecopadev Project” in China

The scientific and technical objective of the ECOPADEV project is the development of decision-making tools and methodology for local authorities for promoting the sustainable city management in basis of Eco-industrial Parks development.

The Bizkaian Tecnology Park presented in China the “Ecopadev project” within the European-Chinese Summit of Sustainable Development being held in China. The ECOPADEV project is focused in developing decision-making tools for local authorities to improve town planning and local living conditions.

Local authorities are an important catalyst to achieve sustainable development objectives, but in order to facilitate the application and suitability of these tools, the project will use an approach through Eco-industrial parks development in cities, as a potential strategy to join industry, citizens and administration efforts, integrating environmental socio-economic aspects.

The project seeks to promote a change in urban planning policy of industrial and business areas, to reach greater sustainability, improve quality of life and enhance eco-efficiency, by the development of a decision-making tool and methodology based on Eco-industrial parks development strategy.

The involved city authorities and parks managers (from cities of Zamudio (Basque Country), Tampere (Finland) and Almada (Portugal)) with different characteristics in each case, will represent the links between the industry and cities, forming a union for the promotion of sustainable development in their area of influence.

In order to cover the specific scientific needs several research partners are involved, ROBOTIKER (computing and data management), GAIKER (recycling and waste and water minimisation), ECN (energy efficiency), ERASMUS UNIVERSITY (transport and logistics), KTH (green Building, sustainable construction and city planning), and UNINOVA (Human resources and social aspects).