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IT support: Made in China

Resource–Copenhagen Post

The country’s largest drug maker finds doing work in China not only cuts costs but boosts productivity for its IT division

Novo Nordisk’s IT division has set up operations in China to take advantage of the time difference as well as low labour costs, financial daily Børsen reported Wednesday.

In addition to providing support for Novo Nordisk, NNIT will be able to offer services such as server maintenance and development work for international customers by the end of September.

While finding qualified IT specialists in Denmark can be difficult, NNIT’s base in Tianjin, east of Beijing, will enable it to draw upon the 75,000 specialists produced every year by local universities in the city of 10 million.

The company will also be able to establish IT operations around the clock. If employees in Denmark are unable to manage a problem by quitting time, they can simply ask the Tianjin division to take over.

In addition to Novo Nordisk, Siemens has set up operations in Tianjin, demonstrating that companies have begun to add knowledge intensive areas to their activities in Asia as well as straightforward labour-intensive production.

NNIT currently employees 36 people but expects to employ at least 100 by 2010.