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National Challenge Completes Bruce Eco-Industrial Park Anaerobic Digester Feasibility Study

TSX Symbol: NLC

WOODBRIDGE, ON, May 9 /CNW/ – In October 2005, the Company announced it had entered into a Letter of Intent with Canadian Agra Inc. to conduct a feasibility study. The study examined the establishment of a transfer station to manage organic residuals, and a centralized anaerobic digester that would co-process those residuals along with livestock manures to produce steam energy for the Bruce ECO-Industrial Park (BEIP) which is located near Kincardine Ontario.

The results of that Study lead the Company to conclude that as ADs become viable in Ontario, it is likely that numerous farm ADs will emerge creating a demand for the Company’s organic material. The Company also believes that the Government is committed to removing regulatory barriers to allow these farm-based ADs to process off-farm organic feedstock such as that collected by the Company, to produce renewable energy. Further, and primarily as a result of their geographic positioning, farm-based ADs would provide better long-term opportunities for the Company than the single large site proposed by BEIP.

NCS intends to maintain open and continuous communication with Canadian Agra as the AD industry develops in Ontario.

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