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Badan Building Materials Corporation on choosing PEZA-accredited Alviera as their home base in Pampanga 12:18 PM May 25, 2021


PORAC, PAMPANGA—Central Luzon has emerged to become one of the Philippines’ most vibrant growth epicenter. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, the region has transformed into a dynamic agro-industrial corridor supported by booming infrastructure investment. 

In 2020 alone, Central Luzon was one of the top investment destinations in the Philippines, accounting for P576 billion or 56.5% of all investments made in the country. This influx of investments can also be attributed to “the implementation of infrastructure projects that has the potential to raise property values, create business opportunities and boost the attractiveness of integrated communities outside the capital region,” according to a January report released by Colliers. 

Recognizing Central Luzon’s potential as a growth powerhouse, Ayala Land, Inc., together with partner Leonio Land Holdings Inc., has been developing Alviera – a 1,800-hectare master-planned estate in Pampanga which houses, among others, economic zones that offer its locators economic incentives, tax holidays, tax exemptions, and a wide range of support amenities.Badan

The Badan Building Materials Corporation is the company behind the country’s 1st quartz production facility, exporting quartz stone and countertop products to key markets like the United States.

Badan Building Materials Corporation (Badan), found the best location to set up their Philippine facility, and the country’s first quartz production facility—within Alviera’s PEZA-accredited industrial park. 

The Philippines’ first quartz production facility owned and operated by the Badan Building Materials Corporation located within the PEZA-accredited Alviera Industrial Park in Porac Pampanga.

Badan, a professional manufacturer of quartz stone and countertop products, established its facility within the Alviera Industrial Park in 2019. As one of the first “move-ins” in the Alviera Industrial Park, Badan’s decision to locate in Pampanga was greatly influenced by its strategic location at the heart of Central Luzon—with its proximity to major transport and infrastructure hubs such as the Subic Bay Freeport, the Clark International Airport and the North to South Expressways. Badan

A professional manufacturer of stone and countertop products, the Badan Building Materials Corporation chose to establish their production facility in the Alviera estate for its strategic location conducive for export and its proximity to major transportation and infrastructure hubs in Central Luzon.

“We considered the location for the logistic service, since we are exporting to the US, we need to look for a location near the port. Porac is also near Angeles and San Fernando and we believe the location is the best for our needs,” shared Spark Lin, Badan’s Chief Operating Officer.

The Badan Building Materials Corporation currently has 240 workers from the nearby communities and is looking to hire more workers as they scale up their operations.

On top of its strategic location, Pampanga is home to a pool of skilled workers, which is essential for a manufacturing company like Badan. To date, the company has 240 workers and looks forward to hiring more as operations scale up. 

Apart from these factors, there is an edge that comes with operating within a master-planned estate like Alviera, especially in the new normal. 

For Badan, this guarantees access to support infrastructure and business essentials that can spell a major difference for the success of a business. “From the moment we joined the estate, Alviera always provided us the best support for our buildings, certificates, and all other needs,” Lin said. Badan

The Alviera Industrial Park is a 64-hectare eco industrial park for light-to-medium industries that will help generate work opportunities for communities within and outside the estate, which will further boost the economic potential of the region.

Despite limited mobility and quarantine restrictions, Badan’s COO shared that they were also able to adapt their operations with Alviera’s support. “We are doing well in our operations. We understand the limited mobility and public health protocols are for everyone’s good. The good telecommunications infrastructure has allowed us to discover the ability of work from home, allowing us to make better use of our manpower.”

With the support it is getting, Badan looks forward to expanding its operations when the economic outlook improves. 

“We would expect to keep expanding in the near future in Central Luzon since the location here is good for the supply chain of both Subic and Manila port. The population and resources of Central Luzon are also becoming stronger and growing, so we do believe in the future of Central Luzon,” Lin said. 

With Central Luzon’s growth fundamentals firmly in place, reinforced by a business environment that is conducive to economic activity, there is no doubt that the region will help propel the Philippines’ eventual recovery and growth.