Principles on News Collection

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We collect original news directly without comments.

“No comments” means news adapted on this site is collected directly from original news media. We simply forward news without comment, only faithfully presents the original views of various media reports. After a period of time, the opinions and responses of the relevant stakeholders on the same environmental issues may be consistent, or the position may be contradictory.

We believe that readers, as long as you have common sense, must be able to judge the news of different aspects on your own, whether it is an official public relations draft or an article that carries the author and the editor’s specific value. You can refer to the news versions at different time points before and after, and compare whether there are inconsistencies and similarities and differences between different media. At this time, those “old news” happens to be the best textbooks and references for environmental history. The power of “time” is often the best auditor and evidence to test facts and pursue truth and justice.

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透過參照前後不同時間點的新聞報導版本,比較不同媒體立場是否有前後矛盾與異同。此時,這些「舊新聞(old news)」恰巧是環境史的最佳教材,我們深信,沒有附加評論的原始新聞稿,可以提供最好的真相對照基礎。記住,「時間」的力量,往往就是檢驗事實,追求真理正義的最佳佐證。