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Ulaanbaatar, June 16, 2023 /MONTSAME/. The Urban Planning and Research Institute has developed a Feasibility Study and a partial adjustment to the General Plan of “Emeelt Eco-Industrial Park”, the municipally owned enterprise.

The comprehensive plan of the industrial park, which will create more than 5,600 new workplaces envisages a business and community area, an industrial and storage area, and a residential area. 

The business and community area covers an area of 10.9 hectares encompassing offices, laboratories, training centers, trade, exhibition, vocational training centers, trade services, and handicraft shops. The industrial and storage area of 17.3 hectares will consist of food storage, cold storage, deep freezer storage, and chemical storage. The residential area is planned as a comfortable residential space for 2160 residents with two kindergartens for 120 children on an area of 4.3 hectares.

It is also planned to build factories for processing 25,584 tons of meat, 98,437 tons of meat by-products, 2,142 tons of combed cashmere, 2,904 tons of combed wool, and 7.5 million skins and hides on a total area of 38.6 hectares. In addition, a 20.1 km long bicycle road will have safety devices, signs, resting, and parking spots that meet relevant standards.

The establishment of Emeelt Eco-Industrial Park, expected to be a world-standard park located in the 13th micro-district of Khan-Uul District targets to decentralize Ulaanbaatar, increasing economic competitiveness, creating workplaces, and producing export-oriented goods. In addition, this park will facilitate running eco-friendly agriculture, transport, and logistics businesses, shopping centers, warehouses, business incubators, vocational training centers, and light industries, and implementing various projects, research, and evaluations, as reports the Media Department of the Governor’s Office of the Capital City.